India’s first Distributors of Ford Parts

Eminent Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. is the first distributor in India appointed by Ford India Private Limited for distribution of genuine spares in the aftermarket. Eminent Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. was formed in October 2014 and has its registered office located in Delhi. The company is engaged in the business of distribution of genuine Ford spares to various customer segments encompassing wholesalers, retailers, independent garages, organised workshops and Ford vehicle owners.

The operations of the company are professionally managed by a team of management graduates who have experience in the automotive aftermarket for spares.

  • 15 million cars
    The Model T Ford - 15 million cars by 1927
    The world’s first assembly line produced automobile in 1908. In 1927, Henry Ford witnessed the 15 millionth Model T, or Tin Lizzie as she was popularly known, roll off the Michigan factory.
  • Soya - spares
    Soya – for the original spare parts !!
    Henry Ford was the first to make automobile components using agro products like soya based plastic. He was a farmer’s son and used farm machinery as inspiration.
  • The hub
    The bulb and the hub
    Thomas Edison was a role model and close friend of Henry Ford. Both had a paternal attitude to their workers, at home and at work. Henry Ford opposed trade unions.
  • Expect excellence
    Ford customers expect excellence – all the way
    In a drive to offer a continuous chain of supreme quality, Eminent Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. have been appointed the first ever distributors of genuine Ford parts. Thus ensuring high standards that continue after the initial sales.
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Tip of the day!

  • After driving through water logged streets, brake frequently. This will burn off the water between the brake liners.

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