About Eminent Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd.

Ignition on - Inauguration

Eminent Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. was inaugurated in New Delhi, by Mr. Nigel Harris, President and MD of Ford India. At a brief but impressive ceremony, Mr Harris shifted Eminent into first gear.


Be the consumer’s vendor of choice for distribution of goods and services.


Eminent Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. will provide to our customers genuine automotive spares, at fair prices, ensuring their availability with ease, and creating moments of sheer driving pleasure.


The employees of Eminent Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. embody core values which are the soul of our company. These core values serve as the guiding light in our interactions with our stakeholders

It’s not always the most skilful who is successful but the one who desperately wants to win against all odds. The bounce of the ball is judged after it hits the ground. Courage is a state of mind of the individual. It is the ability to overcome one’s fear and handicap and win over them for good. The more difficult the situation and circumstance for us, the more it inspires us to move forward.

There are situations which demand a person to step forward, voluntarily, and lead the team. No matter what the situation, we are ready to make the first move, take the first step. The conquest of all distances, no matter how long, starts with the first step. We face new situations intermittently, which provide our employees with reasons enough to step forward and make the first move.

While the first step in the journey is often half the reason for success, it is the commitment for the pursuit of objectives which eventually governs the success. A well begun initiative if not followed through by committed employees, can never result in success. We bind ourselves to a course of action, give our time and energy to its pursuit, and convert our promises into deliverables.

Eminent Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. strive to be consistently fair and transparent in our dealings with all our stakeholders. Honesty is our way of creating relationships based on trust and integrity. We are straightforward in our conduct and call ‘a spade a spade’. While our honest approach may ruffle some feathers but it is any day better than having to adopt deceit and fraud as a shortcut to achieve our goals.

New plant
Huge new plant at Sanand, Gujarat
Ford’s US$ 1 billion plant was commissioned in Sanand,Gujarat. It covers 460 acres dedicated to vehicle and engine assembly. Ford plans to introduce 3 new models within the next 12-18 months.
Pocket friendly
Ford India offers customers a number of customer friendly programs like Happy Pocket Service and the Ford Summer Service Camp. The Ford Vehicle Personalization Centre offers Ford owners a unique EcoSport with style packs.
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